The companies ImpExexpert, headquarters in Bulgaria (domain in international partnerships) and HellasExports headquarters in Greece (domain in Greek partnerships) are both the succession of AirSun Net (ownership of George Charalampelis) that started its activities in 2000, having as a subject the research and development of markets for productive businesses in Europe's Widder markets Colma as well as there a presentation of them.

AirSun Net successfully represented and developed, for the markets of south-east Europe, the YUETU factory (air-conditioning factory) for which it was rewarded by the Wenzhou Chamber of commerce -China 2003 as, at the markets that it was responsible for, its sales overcame the 150,000 air-conditioning systems worth of €75 million.

It also represented the factories below:

  • Shinco (Chinese factory TV DVD for south-east Europe)
  • Rietti ( Italian factory PPR pipes for Greece)
  • Arca (Italian factory gas boilers for Greece) B&M (Italian factory Central air-conditioning parts for Greece)

From 2010 to 2017, the company, has been in exclusive cooperation with Cherbros ( Greek factory brass plumbing hardware) taking on the organization of its expectations achieving Cherbros's development in 12 countries ( Lebanon ,Jordan Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Moldova-Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Denmark, England) with a 30% participation in Cherbros's total turnover in 2016

Since the beginning of 2017, services have been split into two companies to achieve better results. ImpexExert only deals with the representation of companies and HellasExport with its partners provides all the other consulting services.